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Things to Know About False Charges of Assault and Battery

A disagreement involving masking at a Massachusetts Dunkin’ resulted in coffee being thrown as well as an arrest and assault and battery charges. The Brookline Police Department claims that they responded to a call at a Dunkin’ west of downtown Boston. 

The suspect as well as the victim got into a disagreement in regards to the victim not wearing a mask inside the store. The victim then placed his shirt over his face to deescalate the situation. The suspect became hostile toward store workers and other customers.

While inside the store, the suspect threw coffee in the direction of the victim. The coffee struck the victim on the back of his legs. 

The suspect was then arrested following a chase and arraigned on charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon as well as one charge of disorderly conduct.

If you are facing a charge of assault and battery in Massachusetts and did not commit the offense or have a valid defense, you should know some important details. 

Assert Your Right to Remain Silent

You are not obligated to share any details excluding your personal information with law enforcement. You also are under no obligation to share your version of an event. By asserting your Fifth Amendment right under the Fifth Amendment to remain silent, you often can avoid giving the opposing legal side the details that they can use to distort the facts of your case and make you look guilty. 

Collect Evidence

You can actively start taking steps to preserve the outcome of your case early on. If you are falsely charged with assault or battery, you should do your best to collect physical evidence to establish your innocence. You should also collect contact information for any witnesses who saw the event occur. 

Remember You Have Other Rights, Too

Despite how anyone makes you feel about the event that led to these charges, you retain certain rights. If you have been falsely charged with assault or battery, your rights still include the right to an attorney, the right to a trial that is fair and speedy, and the right to utilize evidence to defend yourself from these charges.

Work With the Courts

Even though being falsely accused of assault and battery can be frightening, you should do everything possible when proceeding through the legal system. Some steps that you should remember to take if you are falsely charged with assault and battery include:

  • Cooperate with law enforcement at the time you are arrested. Remember that fighting arrest will make you appear aggressive. 

  • Assert the right to remain silent.

  • Obtain a defense lawyer as quickly as is feasibly possible following the charge. 

  • Refrain from interaction with the individual who claims to be the victim.

  • Avoid posting any details about the incident online 

Speak with a Compassionate Criminal Defense Attorney Today

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