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Massachusetts OUI Enforcement Being Stepped Up with Roadblocks During the Holidays

The Massachusetts State Police have announced a series of OUI checkpoint roadblocks for the latter part of December. 

Generally, during a roadblock OUI checkpoint, police will stop every car according to a set pattern, and interview the driver.  If, during that interview, officers observe signs that the person has consumed alcohol, the driver is referred to secondary screening, where officers conduct field sobriety testing to determine if the operator is under the influence. 

The police are required to publicize the existence of the roadblock ahead of time, and must comply with a series of regulations which apply in addition to the ordinary rules governing OUI enforcement.  The compliance with the rules generally covering OUI cases, as well as the additional rules for OUI roadblocks can be challenged in court.

OUI checkpoints are designed to target places and times where there are a high frequency of OUI arrests.  For that reason, presumably, several of the checkpoints being announced are on Friday nights and Saturday mornings, including Friday the 22nd through 23rd in Norfolk County (probably in Foxboro).

As you can imagine, police are not inclined to be charitable when conducting an OUI checkpoint.  Don't let an OUI arrest ruin the weekend. Stay safe, use a designated driver, or Uber.

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