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Boston Police Captain’s Son Accused of Involvement in Terrorist Plot


Not many criminal accusations are treated as seriously as those involving alleged terrorism. In many cases, these cases are brought in federal courts and involve investigations conducted by both local and federal law enforcement authorities. The penalties associated with a conviction for a terrorism-related crime can be extremely serious and often involve lengthy prison terms in facilities that are extraordinarily restrictive, even by international standards.

According to a report published by ABC News, Alexander Ciccolo, the son of a veteran Boston Police Captain, has been arrested in connection with an ISIS-inspired terrorist plot. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents apparently took Ciccolo into custody after he bought weapons from an undercover FBI informant. Upon searching his residence, agents found chemicals, an alarm clock, a pressure cooker, as well as paperwork linking him to an attack.

A criminal defense attorney can help people accused of crimes

When people are accused of criminal misconduct, there are often a variety of ways in which an attorney can help. Some of the more common are detailed below.

Exclude illegally obtained evidence

The 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution prohibits law enforcement from conducting unreasonable searches and seizures. Whether a search or seizure is considered “unreasonable” is dependent on a variety of factors and often turns on complicated legal issues established by case law. If a search or seizure is deemed unreasonable by a court, the judge will likely order the evidence gathered as a result of the search inadmissible in any proceeding against the defendant.

Ensure that your rights are protected during any questioning that may occur

Law enforcement is not required to advise you as to your legal rights, except under certain limited circumstances. In fact, they may even lie to you in order to obtain evidence. When you retain an attorney, he or she will be present during any questioning that may occur and will ensure that your legal rights are protected.

Negotiate a plea arrangement with the prosecutor handling your case

Most criminal cases are resolved well before they are even set for trial. Generally, the prosecutor assigned to a particular case offers a reduced offense or sentence in exchange for a guilty plea from the defendant. Retaining an attorney will significantly strengthen a defendant’s bargaining position with the prosecutor and usually results in a significantly more favorable plea arrangement than he or she would be able to secure without the assistance of an attorney.

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Individuals who have been accused of crimes in Boston or the surrounding areas are almost always facing serious legal penalties. The stigma associated with a criminal conviction is significant and can have a long-term impact on your quality of life. This especially true for certain classes of crimes, including those involving alcohol, sex offenses, or dishonesty.  Fortunately for facing a criminal case, there are often many ways in which an experienced criminal defense attorney can help. To schedule a free consultation with Massachusetts attorney Edward R. Molari, please call our office today at 617-942-1532.