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What Not to do if Arrested by Law Enforcement

A man in Cohasset found attacking his Tinder date was killed after the intervention of law enforcement. The man had met the woman on the popular Tinder dating app and managed to stab the woman before law enforcement intervened. Law enforcement tasered the man who was on top of the girl while stabbing her, and the man subsequently died after being placed in custody. A medical examiner intends to determine the exact cause of the man’s death.

A large number of individuals are arrested each day. Some of the people who are arrested make mistakes that cause them to be injured, killed, or face additional charges. While it can be frightening to be arrested by law enforcement, there are some steps that you can take to avoid facing even more serious consequences.

Avoid Talking

It is critical to exercise your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent if arrested by law enforcement. This means that you should refrain from efforts to convince law enforcement about your innocence. Often, people say something while attempting to defend themselves that actually make matters worse.

Do Not Run

Not only are individuals who try to run from law enforcement likely to face additional charges, there is also the possibility that law enforcement will become quickly suspicious and might even fire their weapons. It is usually a better idea to remain calm and stay in the same place.

Never Resist Arrest

To stay safe, it is critical that a person not resist arrest or attempt to touch the law enforcement officer in any way. Not only will attempting to brush off the law enforcement officer result in additional charges, there is also a good possibility that the officer might view you as dangerous and take additional precautions.

Do Not be Disrespectful of Law Enforcement

Under no circumstances should you speak to law enforcement in a rude tone. Police officers have a great deal of discretion regarding how a charge is initiated and how it proceeds through the legal system. By speaking to law enforcement in a courteous manner, you can greatly increase the chances that your case proceeds in the best possible manner.

Do Not Consent to a Search

It is not a good idea to let law enforcement search your person, car, or house. If law enforcement asks, a person should not grant them the right to perform a search. Instead, you should clearly state that law enforcement does not have your consent to perform a search. If law enforcement performs the search anyway, the evidence can be thrown out later.

Speak with a Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being charged with a criminal offense in Massachusetts can lead to serious consequences. People who find themselves facing criminal charges should not hesitate to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Contact attorney Edward R Molari to schedule an initial free case evaluation.