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What are the Potential Benefits of Sealing a Criminal Record in Massachusetts?

Many people who live healthy and productive lives have made mistakes or had momentary lapses in judgment that have led to the existence of a criminal record. In some cases, this record may be the result of a youthful prank in high school or college or perhaps having “one too many” at the office holiday party. In other cases, a false or wrongful arrest creates a record that may still be accessible even in the absence of a conviction. Whatever the reason, the existence of a blemish on a person’s criminal record is generally viewable by the public, including potential employers, landlords, friends, family, or even romantic partners.

Massachusetts law allows a criminal record to be sealed in certain cases, meaning that it is no longer accessible by the general public. There are many benefits to having your record sealed, including the following:

  • Obtaining employment – A background check is standard operating procedure for many employers these days. The existence of a criminal record certainly cannot make a potential candidate for a position seem more attractive to employers and, in some cases, may result in automatic disqualification from consideration. Sealing a criminal record will prevent a potential employer from seeing the record and also allows applicants to deny the existence of a record.

  • Being approved for an apartment – Many landlords ask whether applicants have ever been convicted or pled guilty to a crime or conduct a background check on all applicants. In some cases, the fact that a potential tenant has a criminal record may make a landlord hesitant to rent an apartment to him or her. Fortunately, record sealing can help avoid this situation.

  • Getting a loan – Some lenders may use the existence of a criminal record as a factor in making approval or interest rate determinations when a person applies for a loan. By having your record sealed, you can be sure that you are maximizing your chances of approval and that you receive the best rate available in light of your situation.

  • Personal well-being – The existence of a criminal record can often be a source of embarrassment and generally does not reflect the image that a person would like to present to others. When a criminal record is accessible to the public, anyone with access to the courthouse or even an internet connection can often obtain it.

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