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Steps Can Be Taken to Mitigate Sex Charges

A Salem landlord was convicted of sexual assault in October. The incident occurred when a woman rented a room in Medford so her daughter would not have to change schools once they became homeless. The man has since been sentenced to at least a year and a half in prison.  

When sentencing the man, the judge took various details into consideration, including that the man did not have a criminal record and that the victim was particularly vulnerable.

The man must now serve one year and six months before seeking parole. Following release from prison, the man will spend several years on probation with various conditions, including registering as a sex offender.

Massachusetts has some particularly harsh sex offense penalties, which can make it challenging to fight the charges that you end up facing if you are convicted. If the state prosecution views your case as weak, they might negotiate a lesser offense or something non-sexual that does not require a person to register as a sex offender for the rest of their life. For example, a molestation charge might be reduced to one of sexual battery, which does not require a registry. 

Many sex offenses in Massachusetts carry a lifelong penalty. As a result, the legislature put in place regulations that let either the prosecution or judge go below the mandatory minimum if certain elements are proven, including lack of previous sexual convictions. 

The Difference Between State and Federal Registries

No real difference exists between the Massachusetts state and federal sex offender registry. Regardless of the register one must use, the individual must register as a sex offender for life. If an individual moves, they might be required to de-register with their old county and register with the new one.

How a Sex Crime Lawyer Can Help Your Case

If you are facing sex crimes charges, you should retain the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. The penalties associated with sex crimes are substantial, which include registry as a sex offender. Additionally, the stigma of being a sex offender lasts for a person’s lifetime. If you work with children, even an allegation of a sex offense can create career trouble. Lastly, a skilled criminal defense lawyer can help parties charged with sex crimes prevail in their cases. 

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