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Public Order Crimes

Crimes against public order uproot social norms or customs. They are contrary to what a normal or civilized society views as appropriate behavior. Public order crimes do not conform to the societal morals and values of a community. When one commits these types of crimes, they usually are not contributing to the good of society and often lead to the detriment of those involved. These crimes go against societal standards of right and wrong and can hinder or disrupt a society's way of life. If you are charged with a public order crime, you need to speak with a criminal defense attorney immediately.

Types of Public Order Crimes

A person can be charged with public order crimes if the behavior is harmful to the public at large. Some of the offensive behavior that falls under crimes against public order may include:

  • Prostitution: Selling sexual acts or favors in exchange for compensation.

  • Paraphilia: Abnormal sexual or deviant sex acts in public view.

  • Open drunkenness: Publically displaying intoxication or drunken behavior.

  • Drug Offenses: Selling, using, or distributing drugs in public.

  • Disorderly conduct: Rowdy and rude public behavior.

  • Underage sex: Minors engaging in sexual activities.

  • Disturbing the Peace: Disrupting a formal gathering or event.

  • Pornography: Publicly viewing pornographic pictures and messaging.

  • Inappropriate settings for sexual expression: Engaging in sexual acts in a public park, bus, or other public settings.

Punishment for Public Order Crimes

Punishment for crimes against public order varies according to the crime committed and the circumstances surrounding the incident. If the public order offense was minor, one may receive a misdemeanor charge or citation. Individuals convicted of lesser public order crimes may have to pay a fine, serve a short stint in a county jail, or perform community service.

More serious crimes may result in felony charges. Offenders will have to pay higher fines and serve longer time in jail. One who continues to commit serious crimes of this nature may have to face stiffer penalties and consequences.

Defenses for Public Order Crimes

When charged with crimes against public order, your criminal defense attorney can build a credible defense for your bizarre actions. These defenses may state that one was under mental duress, intoxicated or exemplifying self-defense during the time of the incident or arrest. Your attorney will know how to present these defenses in a way that will enhance your case and not hurt it.

Legal Help for Public Order Crimes

Public order crimes can become serious offenses when they are not properly addressed with legal counsel and expertise. They may tarnish your public record and image for life. Public order convictions may keep you from employment or housing opportunities, too.

If you are charged with a public order crime you need to contact a criminal defense attorney. The consequences can be devastating, costly, and embarrassing. Boston Criminal Defense Attorney, Edward Molari can provide you with legal advice that may help reduce the punishment or lessen the charge. He cares about your situation and provides personalized legal services in every case.  Contact Attorney Edward Molari at 617-942-1532 for a free consultation.