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Massachusetts Open Arrest Warrants

Statistics reveal that each year, millions of Americans are listed as wanted on arrest warrants. In Massachusetts, there are currently over 390,000 open arrest warrants. Some of these cases remain open for years and some are forgotten by law enforcement as new warrants are filed. A recent study reveals that there are currently more than 5.7 million open arrest warrants in 27 states, which is the equivalent of over 80% of Massachusetts’ population. Massachusetts officials have declined to break down details about the warrants by offense or provide any specific information about the types of charges that are represented. Many of these warrants, however, arise from minor offenses like not paying a parking ticket or failing to obtain a dog license.

Law enforcement frequently issues warrants when they have evidence that a person committed a criminal offense but have not yet arrested or located in the individual. Even after an arrest warrant is issued, a person will often remain free provided that he or she does not encounter law enforcement officers who are aware of the warrant’s presence.

Having a Massachusetts warrant issued for your arrest can be a frightening experience. If you need help removing an outstanding warrant, our law firm is prepared to provide you with the strong legal representation necessary to resolve your case.

Reasons Why Warrants are Issued in Massachusetts

Courts in Massachusetts issue warrants for a number of different reasons, which include the following:

  • Missing a court appearance

  • Missing a court payment

  • Missing a probation fee

  • Violating probation conditions

In many cases, a person only learns about a warrant when the individual either tries to renew a driver’s license, obtains a new job, or fills out any type of government application.

The Role of Massachusetts Default Warrants

One of the most common types of warrants that are issued by judges in Massachusetts are default warrants, which are issued when a person fails to appear in court for a scheduled date. If a person is not present at this date, a judge will often issue an arrest warrant for the individual’s arrest. It is common for warrants to be around years before they present an obstacle for a person. Unfortunately, old and open warrants still have the potential to result in arrest, detention, the suspension of a person’s driver’s license, the denial of government benefits, and even loss of employment. While a person might have a good reason for missing a court appearance, courts might not be aware or a judge might find that the reason is insufficient. If you discover a warrant has been issued for your arrest, you should not hesitate to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Speak with an Experienced Defense Attorney

If there is an open warrant out for your arrest, reach out to an experienced criminal defense attorney. Contact Attorney Edward Molari today to schedule an initial free case evaluation. Attorney Molari understands just frightening it can be to have an open warrant out for your arrest, and he can help your case resolve in the best possible manner.