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The Jack Jones Airport Scandal: Will He Be Convicted?

The United States is one of the few places in the world where law-abiding citizens are allowed to bear arms. While this is true, there are certain locations that Boston firearm owners should be wary of. Perhaps at the very top of this list is Logan Airport. While it is acceptable to transport firearms by plane with the right permissions, you may face consequences if you give no prior warning of your firearms after these items are discovered in your luggage. This is a legal issue that NFL player Jack Jones is currently facing. But how bad is it? Was this just an honest mistake? Will he be convicted of crimes? 

Jack Jones Caught with Two Loaded Firearms at Logan Airport

The TSA has announced that Jack Jones was caught with two loaded firearms and an undisclosed amount of ammunition at Logan Airport. He is now facing a number of charges, including unlawful possession of a firearm, carrying a loaded firearm, possession of a large-capacity feeding device, and possession of ammunition without a firearm identification card. Shortly after the TSA discovered the firearms in his luggage, the athlete was taken into custody. 

These charges would suggest that Jones is in serious trouble. The lack of a firearms license suggests that he did not legally have a right to possess these weapons. The possession of a large-capacity magazine may make these consequences particularly serious. It is now reported that he faces a total of nine gun charges. One has to wonder whether these weapons were obtained legally. 

Are Large-Capacity Magazines Allowed in Massachusetts?

While a large-capacity magazine may be legal in Jones’ home state of Arizona, they are not legal in Massachusetts. In Boston, gun owners are limited to pistol magazines with a capacity of 10 cartridges or rounds. One of the most popular pistol magazines in Arizona is a 30-round, extended magazine – which is completely illegal in Massachusetts and Boston. In a somewhat obscure fashion, Massachusetts has exempted magazines manufactured or possessed before September 13th, 1994. However, it is unlikely that Jones’ magazine falls into this category. 

 Was it an Honest Mistake?

Jones’ decision to arrive at the airport with two unlawfully-possessed pistols and a large-capacity magazine may be more understandable than many give him credit for. Arizona is much more supportive of gun rights compared to Massachusetts, and he may have been confused about these legal differences. In addition, he may have genuinely forgotten that he put these guns in his luggage. Mistakes happen, and sometimes defendants can escape consequences if they can show that the guns were not carried “knowingly.”   

Where Can I Find a Firearms Lawyer in Boston?

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