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Interacting With Law Enforcement

A man from Brookline was recently arrested for firearm charges after law enforcement responded to a report of a vehicle being erratically operated on Interstate 95.

The Massachusetts State Police reports that around 10:30 pm on a Saturday, a law enforcement officer was told to go to a weigh station on Interstate 95 after witnesses claimed that a vehicle there was being operated erratically. The law enforcement officer spoke with the man who was driving the vehicle and saw a handgun equipped with a large drum magazine inside the vehicle as well as a handgun under the driver’s seat. 

Three men were subsequently indicted on charges while the officer investigated the vehicle and additional law enforcement arrived. A law enforcement officer found various things inside the vehicle, including a rifle, handguns, magazines, firearm components, and ammunition.

The man was found to not have a license to carry firearms and was later booked on firearm charges. As a result of his behavior, the man received various field sobriety tests, and law enforcement found that he was incorrectly operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs.

The driver was held on a $100,000 bail and is set to be arraigned in court. 

An encounter with law enforcement is stressful even if you are sure you have not done anything against the law. Interactions with law enforcement often occur in three situations -- in public, on private property, and at vehicle stops. Some of the most important pieces of advice to remember during vehicle stops include the following.

Be Calm at All Times

Make sure to maintain your composure and remain respectful of law enforcement. If they think that you are a threat or that you are not acting reasonably, they might respond with force.

Be Aware of How You are Acting

Law enforcement is trained to read people’s behaviors, which is why you should be aware of how you behave when around law enforcement. Even something that might seem like a small gesture can end up giving law enforcement probable cause upon which to perform an arrest. Keep your hands where law enforcement can see them and avoid aggressive stances. 

Ask if You are Free to Leave

If you do not have anything to say to law enforcement and find that their questions are not relevant, you should ask them politely if you can leave.

Remain Cautious of Your Surroundings

One of the best things that you can do is to remain alert to your surroundings. Take notes of what the law enforcement officer looks like as well as their badge number, license plate, and other details.

Do Not Hesitate to Contact a Firearm Defense Lawyer

A conviction for a firearm offense in Massachusetts carries serious penalties. One of the best ways to respond to such a situation is to obtain the assistance of an experienced attorney. Contact Attorney Edward R Molari today for assistance.