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How a Drug Conviction Can Negatively Impact Your Future

Various drugs, as well as cash, were seized by law enforcement during “Operation Lunch Break” on June 11 when several arrests occurred in New Bedford in connection with the Geraldo Rivera Drug Trafficking Organization. The organization operated in the New Bedford area and its members distributed fentanyl cocaine, marijuana, and opioids throughout the area. The investigation located many individuals who were identified in the criminal activity. Five residential search warrants in New Bedford, as well as two warrants in Rhode Island, were executed as well as 14 arrest warrants.

What many people fail to understand is that having a drug charge on your record can lead to various obstacles in countless parts of your life. This article reviews just some of the various consequences that you could end up facing if you are charged or convicted of a drug-related offense.

Asset Forfeiture

Getting arrested for a drug-related offense with the intent to distribute or any other serious drug charge can lead to the forfeiture of your assets. This can occur even if the charges you face are later dismissed. 

Child Custody Issues

If you are in the middle of a custody battle for your child, receiving a criminal conviction could end up making your situation much more difficult. You will likely have your character drawn into question due to a past conviction. Understandably, your child’s other parent will likely want to create as strong an argument for custody as possible, which likely means that they will use any evidence possible to bring your character into question.

Employment Can be Negatively Impacted

All employers want to hire someone that they can trust. A growing number of workers are starting to perform background checks on candidates who they consider to be worth hiring. After applying for a position, your potential employer will likely ask whether you have a criminal record. Unfortunately, having a criminal charge for a drug-related offense can substantially impact your chances of obtaining a position in countless industries. Furthermore, you could end up in even worse trouble if you attempt to lie and say that you do not have any such charge. 

Loan Eligibility Can be Negatively Impacted

Banks and financial institutions are known to deny loans to applicants who have criminal records. You might be classified as a “high risk” because entities that loan money often want to ensure that an applicant can repay a loan. Without a loan, you could have difficulty obtaining a vehicle or a home. 

Losing Your Employment

Many people obtain a security clearance as part of their employment. If these individuals receive a drug conviction, they will likely end up losing their clearance and consequently their position. Receiving a drug-related charge can also end up impacting countless other qualifications that result in a person’s unemployment. 

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