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Expect Increased DUI Enforcement this Upcoming Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is one of the most popular and celebrated holidays in the United States. As a traditional end-of-summer holiday, Labor Day celebrations often involve barbecues, pools, and family and friends. The consumption of alcohol is often also an integral part of many Labor Day celebrations. Local and state law enforcement authorities are aware of this fact and often increase patrols and other enforcement efforts in order to dissuade people from drunk driving and to catch those who drive impaired. These enforcement periods can often result in overzealous policing and can often result in false arrests, so it is important for anyone accused of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol over the holiday weekend to contact an attorney.

Avoiding a Labor Day OUI in Boston

Fortunately for party-goers and others who choose to imbibe over the holiday weekend, there are many things that people can do to avoid getting an OUI. Of course, the simplest way to avoid getting an OUI is simply to not drive a vehicle at all. The reality is, however, that once a person is under the influence of alcohol, his or her judgment may be impaired to the point where he or she is unable to make the prudent decision to not drive. As a result, it is important for people who plan on drinking to plan ahead to make sure they can get to where they are going without needing to driving a vehicle. Some of the more effective ways to avoid getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking over Labor Day weekend include the following:

  • Save the number of a taxi cab company in your phone or write it down somewhere where you will have access to it;

  • Designate a sober driver who you can be sure will not drink;

  • Plan ahead to take public transportation to and from your party;

  • Do not drive your car to your destination; and

  • Plan on spending the night elsewhere so you do not need to get back home.

An Oui Conviction Can Have Serious Consequences

The legal and social consequences associated with being convicted of drunk driving in Massachusetts can be extremely serious. The court may impose a sentence that can include probation, fines, mandatory counseling or education, the installation of an ignition interlock device, community service, a drug and alcohol evaluation, and even jail time. In addition, the fact that a criminal conviction is part of the public record means that it could have a significant impact on your reputation with the community. Any criminal conviction for an offense that involves the use of alcohol or drugs can raise suspicions about a substance abuse problem, an issue that could affect your ability to get a job or the way that others feel about associating with you socially.

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