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Boston’s Finance Director Charged with Money Laundering and Drug Smuggling

In the United States, those in positions of power are not above the law. Even the highest-ranking member of our society – the President – can be charged with crimes and convicted. Our legal system views everyone as equal, and this means that Boston’s highest-ranking government officials can also be held criminally liable for their actions. That being said, most people were shocked to learn that a top finance director in the Mayor’s administration was recently charged with money laundering and drug smuggling. How exactly did this happen, and what are her chances of escaping charges?

Finance Director Accused of Smuggling Drugs into MCI Shirley

The top Finance Director in Michelle Wu’s Mayoral team has been charged with money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering. She pleaded not guilty to both charges. The alleged scheme involves smuggling drugs into MCI Shirley, and it ranges back to January 2021. The drugs were synthetic cannabinoids known as K2 and Spice, and these drugs were smuggled to four inmates – including the Finance Director’s nephew. In total, there were nine co-defendants involved in the smuggling operation – including multiple inmates within the prison. 

Synthetic marijuana is illegal in Massachusetts due to new regulations put forth by the DEA. Some studies have determined that drugs like K2 and Spice can cause psychotic and violent behavior when smoked. These drugs were sprayed onto papers and smuggled into the prison, disguised as letters between family members and legal documents. A single, one-inch square of paper sprayed with K2 or Spice can be sold for as much as $400 inside. A co-defendant involved in this scheme admitted it was possible to earn $32,000 from a single piece of 8” by 11” paper. 

This suggests that the scheme wasn’t simply a way to provide her nephew with something to pass the time while behind bars. This was a sophisticated operation that raked in plenty of profit. Investigators tracked these profits to a mobile app used by the Finance Director. Apparently, she was moving money out of the account in increments of $999 in an attempt to avoid mandatory banking reporting limits and attention from the authorities. The Director is already earning more than $120,000 per year for her role in Michelle Wu’s administration. Pending the outcome of this criminal case, she has now been placed on unpaid administrative leave. 

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