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Authorities Make Wild Assumptions About Caribbean Carnival Festival Violence

The Caribbean Carnival Festival in Boston draws thousands of visitors each year, and it provides a memorable end to the summer months with all kinds of attractions on the street. Unfortunately, these celebrations can also become violent. Recent reporting on this violence has been incredibly misleading, with both reporters and authorities jumping to wild conclusions based on questionable evidence. If you are facing false accusations of violence in Boston, a defense attorney may be the only way to clear up these confusions.  

Boston Guns – Firearms Shooting Dorchester Reports Rely on Scant Evidence

On August 28, 25 News reported that rival gangs were “staring each other down” during the Caribbean Carnival Festival in Boston. Police stated that these individuals represented an “immediate threat to the general public” and that the groups exchanged gunfire as they approached in an effort to address the situation. 

However, it should be noted that the report never actually provides conclusive statements that the gunfire was coming from these individuals. Instead, the article states that officers “heard multiple gunshots begin to ring out from the location of the group they were approaching.” Note that they are very careful to state that they did not actually see these individuals discharging firearms. Secondly, the report states that the officers “heard what they believed to be return gunfire from another location.” Again, when you examine the wording, it becomes clear that no one actually saw the individuals in question discharging their firearms. Indeed, it may very well be that these two shootings were completely independent events. 

Violence Unfairly Attributed to One Specific House in Boston

The tendency for the authorities to jump to conclusions is nothing new, and another example involves one specific house on Tiny Street. But while the story might make a good headline, there is little conclusive evidence that ties the house to gang activity. Reporters point to shell casings on the street, and cars with bullet holes parked nearby, but one of the residents at this home vehemently denies that his home is being used as a “trap house.” Instead, he accuses the reporters of fabricating stories – and he argues that it is interfering with his efforts to “get his life back together.”

If reporters were making up lies about the residences of wealthy individuals in high-income neighborhoods, they would probably be sued for defamation. 

Where Can I Find an Experienced Defense Attorney in Boston?

If you have been searching for a qualified criminal defense attorney in Boston, look no further than Edward R. Molari. Over the years, we have helped numerous defendants in the Boston area, including those accused of committing violence during street festivals. We are well aware of authorities’ tendency to jump to conclusions, and we can expose the shaky foundations that their questionable evidence is based on. Contact us today to get started with an effective defense strategy.