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Alleged Cover-Up By Federal Criminal Police: Murder Suspect Sues for Wrongful Conviction

Facing accusations for crimes you did not even commit is a nightmare that most people prefer not to think about. But for many people in Boston, this experience becomes an inescapable reality. Today, the Boston Police Department is facing a lawsuit after a man falsely accused of shooting his cousin was exonerated. Unfortunately, this innocent individual had already spent almost two decades behind bars before finally walking free. What happens if you find yourself in a similar situation?


BPD Faces Federal Lawsuit for Wrongful Conviction


The BPD is facing a number of shocking allegations in connection with this lawsuit. These include witness tampering, concealment of evidence, and other offenses. The police seemed to have been intent on putting the plaintiff behind bars, even if it meant paying off witnesses and tipping the scales of justice against him. 


The plaintiff is now 25, having spent most of his youthful years in prison. In 2021, he was finally released from prison after key documents surfaced. These documents showed that police had concealed evidence from prosecutors that implicated another suspect. In addition, the police seem to have paid witnesses to testify against the plaintiffs. Those who refused to participate in this kangaroo court were threatened with criminal charges. Police also promised to drop charges against at least one witness in exchange for his favorable testimony. These actions helped condemn the plaintiff to a prison sentence. 


In an official complaint filed against the BPD, the plaintiff's legal counsel stated:


"The BPD's lawless culture further resulted in a pattern, practice, and/or custom of deliberately fabricating and coercing evidence as well as withholding exculpatory evidence. "Defendant City of Boston had notice of a widespread practice by its

officers and agents under which individuals suspected of criminal activity, such as Shaun, were routinely deprived of exculpatory evidence, were subjected to criminal proceedings based on false evidence, and were deprived of their liberty without probable cause, such that individuals were routinely implicated in crimes to which they had no connection and for which there was scant evidence to suggest that they were involved."


Can I Keep Fighting My Charges Even Behind Bars?


This story shows that it is possible to continue fighting your charges even after you are placed behind bars. Not only that, but the story shows that it can be incredibly beneficial to continue searching for evidence. Although no one can take back the many years this plaintiff spent in prison, he will likely receive compensation when this trial goes before a jury (or is settled out of court). 


Where Can I Find a Qualified Defense Attorney in Boston?


If you have been wrongfully accused of a crime you did not commit in Boston, the obvious choice is to get in touch with a qualified defense attorney at your earliest convenience. With help from a lawyer, you can fight wrongful accusations and avoid prison time in the first place. Alternatively, you can continue fighting for your rights if you are already behind bars. Book your consultation today to get started with an effective action plan.