Liquor Person Under 21 Possess (138/34C/A); RMV Document, Forge/Misuse (90/24B/B)



Person Under 21 Possess Liquor

Every college student is familiar with the laws governing possession of liquor, but few are probably aware of the consequences. In Massachusetts it is a criminal offense to possess alcohol as a person under 21 years old, but the maximum penalty is only a fine.

So why would you contact a lawyer to defend a charge that only carries a fine? Because for a young person who has their whole life ahead of them, the worst thing about a conviction for being a minor in possession of alcohol is not the penalty but the record. You probably don't want to have to explain to all your prospective employers that you were convicted of anything, even if it is a misdemeanor.

A lawyer can help you minimize the effect that a charge of minor in possession of alcohol has on your record, whether that means a dismissal, or even a dismissal before the charges ever go on your record. There are some defenses that can only be raised by preparing motions before your arraignment, so do not wait, contact a lawyer immediately.

RMV Document, Forge/Misuse

A favorite trick that police use when they find someone using a fake id is to charge that person with forgery of an RMV document, a felony carrying a maximum of five years in state prison, a fine, and a one year loss of license.

Use of the RMV forgery statute in cases of a minor using a fake ID to obtain alcohol is both widespread, and completely inappropriate. The severity of the charge is completely disproportionate to the offense, and the RMV forgery statute was never meant to cover simple fake ID cases.

If you or someone you know has been charged with forgery/misuse of an RMV document, you should contact a lawyer immediately.


See: G.L. c. 138 s. 34C; G.L. c. 90 s. 24B; License Suspensions.