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Edward R. Molari is a criminal and civil attorney based in Boston, MA that specializes in defending DUI, Drug, & Firearm crimes. He operates in two offices located in Boston & Attleboro, MA. We can help you better develop strategies to avoid pitfalls, and position yourself for the best possible results regarding your case. Edward Molari handles all of his cases personally, and can be reached by telephone at all hours, and will answer if at all possible.
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Welcome to the Law Office of Edward R. Molari Attorney at Law, serving the greater Boston, MA area!

You deserve an attorney who is as committed to your case as you are. You deserve an attorney who is always available, who will listen to your concerns, and who will fight your case as if it were the only one.

No one can predict the future, but a good lawyer can plan for it. Every case is unique, requiring a tailored strategy which will put you and your case on track for the best outcome possible.